Hello, I’m Lovro, a seasoned professional coming at you from the beautiful crossroads of Slovenia and Austria. 🌍

My expertise lies in software engineering, and I am lucky enough to call it my passion as well as my work. I first dipped my toes into the world of engineering at the University of Maribor, where I got my master’s degree in Informatics. Today it’s almost 15 years since I started honing my coding skills. Throughout that time, I have become well-versed in various programming languages. However, my primary focus and preferred language for the past 8 years has been Go. Its simplicity, concurrency features, and robustness have made it my go-to tool for tackling complex software challenges.

Beyond the realm of coding, I have a profound passion for music. Whenever I get a chance, I seek inspiration in playing the piano. I also really enjoy cooking. Exploring different flavors, experimenting with ingredients, and making delicious dishes is something I love to do in my free time.

Completing my world is my loyal companion, Link, a fluffy brown border collie. We go on exciting hikes together, discovering the beauty of nature and strengthening our bond. Teaching Link different tricks and witnessing his growth has been an amazing experience of companionship.

I am passionate about my work and always aim for excellence in everything I do. If you have similar interests or are interested in collaborating professionally, I would be happy to connect!